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Online Banner Advertisement


Latest Online Banner Advertisement Promotion:

EMAIL TO info@akyweb.com to find out more!!!!!

Position Price
A1 USD 50,000 per year
USD 5,000 per month
B1 USD 50,000 per year
USD 5,0000 per month
C1 USD 25,000 per year
USD 2,500 per month
D1 USD 25,000 per year
USD 2,500 per month

The benefit of banner advertisement:

  • The cheapest way to advertise your company internationally comparing with traditional way.

  • It cover whole world and it is 24 hours a day and 365 days per year non stop advertisement.

  • Based on the Google analysis, the online advertisement in United Kingdom already overcome the TV commercial.

  • The targeted visitor is more focus. Unlike traditional advertisement which is view by everyone without intention to buy your product.

  • Environment safe, no paper, no ink, no chemical.

  • Enhance the ranking of your company website in search engine like Google or yahoo.

    We have limited space to insert the online banner advertisement in the portal ,each portal only can insert not more than 40 banner advertisement. Currently we have 20 customers which already ordered the said package and we also tight up with google.com advertisement as well, hence please hurry up, contact Jason ANG at 96877748.


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