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SMS Advertising (commonly known as SMS Marketing) is one of the marketing methoads by sending a short message via mobile phone consist enterprise's products, services and other information to mobile phone users, so as to achieve the purpose of advertising. Mobile phone short message advertising purpose is to enterprise development, savings, improve the efficiency and generated, Chinese New Year, a call to the customer to talk to, not to mention the high cost of the first telephone, and sometimes give busy customers resentment, while the a text message, without prejudice to the work under the premise of customers, SMS, customers are given a warm blessing business. It may be "discount information", "promotional activities", "new product launches" and other related information to the customer's mobile phone, so as to establish a brand image or corporate market share and create business opportunities, and thus greatly reduce advertising costs for businesses. SMS advertisements come was a new media business as the "fifth most powerful advertising medium,"! Except on the low cost, the uncertainty relative to other forms of advertising audiences an advantage!
SMS Advertising features:

SMS as the "fifth media" status, has been widely recognized, and traditional mass media has similarities, similar, similar in common, has a huge audience. For advertisers, the mobile phone short message advertising media can not be replaced with the following information and communication advantages:

  1. Transmission of information faster, able to instant messaging to the mobile phone users;
  2. Transmission efficiency, almost all of reaching the target audience;
  3. Low-cost than the traditional method of information delivery, cost multiplied reduced;
  4. Browse the high probability, almost all users will visit the message content;
  5. Message content artistry strong, well-conceived message more popular.

Bulk SMS Marketing Business Applications:
  1. New products, new services, promotions, conferences, etc. need to rapidly transmit information to the customer applications;
  2. To provide customers with professional information services, to maintain a stable customer relationship, such as securities firms to offer stock market investors analyze information, auto dealers provide vehicle owners with knowledge of routine maintenance vehicles, etc.;
  3. All kinds of announcements, events, documents and other information supporting reminders, such as the new sales policy within the enterprise, payment of salaries, recreation activities, notices of meetings, personnel changes and other information supporting to remind;
  4. Through a simple SMS research activities, such as service satisfaction surveys, acceptance of price surveys, the market share of competing goods, investigations, corporate internal problems of feedback and so on;
  5. SMS blessing, to customers, employees, partners and friends to send holiday, birthday message;
  6. Follow-up messages in the customer communication, and humorous messages can be closer to the distance between each other and create more opportunities for contact.

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