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Accident claim

Admin Module

  1. Allow to create, edit, delete user group.

  2. User group allow to have different authority such as administrator , data entry and user.

  3. Allow to create, edit, delete user.

Accident claim module

  • Creating accident case: (allow to search by car number)

    1. Admin allow to add, edit, delete and view the customer profile, customer profile including
    2. Reference number (auto jumping) the format should be company, auto numbering and auto year
    3. Owner profile which including date of creation, name, address, NRIC, contact number which cover residential
      phone number and mobile phone number, age and gender
    4. Vehicle profile which including vehicle plate number, model, chassis number, year of registration and
      transmission (auto or manual)
    5. Accident details which including date of accident, location of accident, time and type of claim.
    6. Third parties profile which including vehicle no, name, NRIC, gender and contact number (2 contact number)


  • Creating Quotation (will be key in after checking which part of the vehicle is damage and need to repair)
    1. Admin allow to add, edit and view the quotation (the quotation format shall provided by clients)
    2. Admin allow to search and capture the detail of part which including brand (example Toyota), model (example
      camry) , year, part detail and price
    3. The solution will automatic capture the owner profile as well
    4. The solutions also able to adding up all the total amount of the parts
    5. The solutions also can deduct the discounted rate which is key in by user.
    6. use allow to search the quotation by car plate number
    7. Allow to print
    8. Allow to search part by brand, model and year.


  • Creating Insurance company (will be key in after the said insurance company is confirmed)
    1. admin allow to add, edit, delete and view for claiming agent (master file which allow the admin to key in before creating this data, officer in- charge , contact number (have 2 column) ,case reference number, survey by,
      surveyor name, date of survey, date of finalized , surveyor contact and surveyor email.

    Allow to add, edit , edit and view

  • Cost of the part (auto capture directly from the quotation if the second quotation is created this cost will be based on the latest quotation parts)
    1. Alow to add,edit, delete and view the part
    2. The solution will display all the part from the latest quotation which including the part detail and price and it will
      be  total up all the part claimed.
      (this module will be link to bank statement module, when the cost of the parts is confirmed the amount should
      direct show into the bank statement as out or debited


  • Claimed amount (will be key in after the claim amount is confirm by insurance company)
    This will have status bar which include pending, outstanding and clear (this module is link to calendar monitoring reporting )

    1. the solutions must be able to adding the amount claimed, car rental amount and GIA Search fees
    2. once the payment is confirmed and updated this will direct reflected into the bank statement as in or credited.


  • Profit and loss report

    1. the solution will taking amount of the quotation minus the cost of the part to show the profit or loss amount



    1. admin allow to search by date and the company to show the profit of loss of each company in one time or


  • Bank statement
    1. Admin allow to create which company have which bank statement ( say company is using OCBC, hence the
      claiming amount and the cost of part will direct to OCBC bank statement the bank statement format including
      date, description, debit , credit and balance


  • Part listing module (allow to search by brand, model and year)
    1. allow to add, edit, delete and view the part list
    2. part listing including brand, model, chassis, year, part, type and price


  • Calendar reporting
    1. allow to view the whole day by month, each day will be display total of the pending case and outstanding case,
      if clicking into the pending case it will show the summary of case, if further clicking into the summary case it
      will divert to the detail of the particular case


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